Author Topic: Man's mum, dad and brother died of Covid within seven days of each other  (Read 230 times)

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Man's mum, dad and brother died of Covid within seven days of each other

Francis Goncalves, from Cardiff, said brother Shaul, 40, mum Charmagne, 65, and dad Basil, 73, died within two weeks of contracting Covid and had not had the vaccine after falling victim to conspiracy theorists.

By Lucy John

21:27, 8 Aug 2021

A man lost his mum, dad and brother in the space of a week after they contracted Covid-19.  Francis Goncalves, who lives in Cardiff, said brother Shaul, 40, and mother Charmagne, 65, caught the virus from dad Basil, 73, while having dinner together on the weekend of July 10.  Basil had contracted it in hospital a few days earlier.  They had not got the vaccine after being scared by anti-vaxxer misinformation.  Within two weeks of becoming ill all three, including super-fit Shaul, had died.  Frances has now spoken to WalesOnline to raise awareness of the dangers conspiracy theorists are posing.   The 43-year-old said his brother soon began "feeling like he was filled with weight and that he was tired".

His parents were admitted to hospital on Monday, July 12.  Due to communication difficulties and distance Francis struggled to get hold of them but found out that Basil was moved to intensive care on Wednesday, July 14.  From that point each family member started to deteriorate, so Francis made plans to fly to Portugal.  He said: "Meanwhile my brother's mucus had changed from green to brown and I told him to be very careful because that could be a sign of pneumonia. From then, he deteriorated. I started pushing my plans to get up there faster."

But heartbreakingly, as Francis waited for the Covid test results he needed to be able to fly, he received a text saying his brother had been rushed to hospital. Hours later he passed away.  Francis said his brother was the "healthiest person" he knew and believes the vaccine would have saved his life, adding: "If he wasn't working out in the gym or running, he was going on walks. He hadn't drunk in 15 years and had a plant-based diet."

With his brother being Francis' only means of contacting his parents, he had to get hold of a law firm in Portugal to help him out. The firm contacted the hospital on his behalf and passed on his contact details.  Devastatingly, on Tuesday, July 20, the hospital called Francis to say his father had also died.  The next day, he finally managed to get a flight to Portugal. When he arrived, he discovered his mother who had a number of underlying health issues, including an autoimmune disease was struggling to cope with the virus.  Francis said: "She was also in an induced coma. They allowed me to go and see her which was already a sign that things weren't going well and I had to dress up in full PPE."

Days later he got a call to say Charmagne had also passed away.  A week later, on Sunday, August 1, all three were buried next to each other in the Covid section of a cemetery in Lisbon.  He was told due to the circumstances moving their bodies elsewhere would never be possible.  Francis grew up with his "small and close" family in South Africa but they moved to Cardiff in 2015 to escape violence.  A year later, his parents and brother moved to Portugal, where his father was originally from.  He said: "My father gave everything. He would wear broken shoes so we could have the best.  I could see that he loved mum and she loved him. My mother was a mother hen and she'd do anything for us.  My brother was my best friend. He started a YouTube channel called Animation Deconstructed where he would talk people through animation and it was picking up slowly, but the greatest and worst part about it is it's now gone crazy. This was his thing and the career he wanted and he never got to see it."

Francis hopes sharing his experience might encourage others to get the vaccine.  "They got caught up in a lot of the anti-vaccination propaganda," Francis said.

"It preys on people who are afraid. Why would the government want to hurt you by giving you a vaccine? What is the purpose behind it?."


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It's sad these stories are still being reported when there is enough proof that covid is a dangerous illness to get and the jabs are working.  I don't like the anti-vaxxers tactics to persuade people to not have the jab.