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Girl, 16, killed by friend will 'never know straight A GCSE results', say parents

Wenjing Lin was choked to her death by Chun Xu who also tried to kill her stepfather by luring him into the basement. Her mother says she never forgive him

By Peter Diamond, Leonie Chao-Fong & Philip Dewey

21:47, 9 Nov 2021 Updated 21:50, 9 Nov 2021

A 'model student' who was murdered by a family friend in a Chinese takeaway will never know she was awarded straight A’s for her GCSEs, say her parents.  Wenjing Lin, from the Welsh village of Ynyswen, Treherbertm, was choked to death by Chun Xu at the Blue Sky takeaway before he tried to murder the girl’s stepfather by luring him into the basement.  Xu, 32, of no fixed abode, was found guilty of murdering Wenjing and attempted murder of her stepfather at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court on Tuesday.  Yongquan Jiang Yang, the 16-year-old girl’s stepfather was attacked by Xu with two knives, in what was described as a “repeated and vicious attack”.

After the trial, Wenjing’s mother Meifang Xu spoke of her grief at the loss of her daughter, and how she proud she was of her achievements, according to the Daily Record.  Speaking outside Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court with the support of her husband Mr Yang, Ms Xu said: “My beautiful daughter is gone and I can never forgive you.  I have lost my beloved daughter, my everything. Everything of me.  She cared for my husband and I very much. She has been helping us to communicate with all the English speakers.  (Wenjing’s) school friends miss her so much, I know they are suffering from the pain and loss of their best friend. They will never recover from it."

She praised her daughter for passing all her GCSE's with As but was saddened she will never know her results that she worked so hard for. "I’m so proud of her achievements in the school," she added.

“I’m still not able to comprehend why the perpetrator would do this to her. Our lives have been turned upside down. I was crying every day, watching videos every day and trying to feel close to her and listen to her voice.  I cannot imagine what my life is like without her.  The perpetrator has broken our family. I had to begin counselling to help me but it will never take away the pain the perpetrator has caused us.”

Ms Xu also described how her husband Mr Yang had suffered from the violent attack in Ynyswen, Treherbert, on March 5.  She said: “My husband was a very strong and fit young man. Before this vicious brutal attack he never felt scared of anything but now he even struggles to work and he also has nightmares of when Wenjing was lying on the floor by the counter in the reception area.  Due to the severe mental and physical injuries from the savage, brutal attack by the perpetrator, the treatment he must receive from the hospital will go on for a long time.”

Ms Xu also thanked the police, CPS, school, the community and friends for their support.  She added: “We are so relieved justice has been done and the perpetrator should be punished for my husband and Wenjing. He should be punished for what he did.  I hope there won’t be any innocent victims like Wenjing.”

During the trial, Xu said he "did not mean to hurt the little girl. I wanted revenge on her mother".

After the verdict, the judge said Xu could expect "a sentence of life imprisonment", due to take place on Friday.  Xu was regarded as a nephew to the mother as their parents had lived next door to one another in China. Ms Xu had transferred £20,000 to Xu who promised to send the money back to a friend in China for them to repay a loan they used to start their business in the UK.  However, Xu gambled away £14,000 of the money and sent only some of the cash back which he had begun repaying.


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