Author Topic: Mum, 27, who beat cancer twice dies after catching coronavirus for second time  (Read 136 times)


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Mum, 27, who beat cancer twice dies after catching coronavirus for second time

Katie Wright, 27, first got cancer aged just 17 after finding a lump on her neck. She beat the disease again in 2019 but succumbed to pneumonia brought on by Covid earlier this month

By Leigh Mcmanus

12:45, 13 Aug 2021

A young mother who beat cancer twice succumbed to Covid after her second battle with the virus.  Katie Wright, 27, first got cancer aged just 17, after finding a lump on her neck that turned out to be Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  She beat the disease only to be stricken down with it again in 2019, this time with aggressive stage four cancer, Birmingham Live reported.  She beat that, too, but sadly died on Wednesday, August 4th, this year after contracting pneumonia when she got Covid for a second time.  After her first bout of cancer, Katie went through several cycles of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant.  As a result of the treatment, Katie was told she would never be able to conceive naturally but she was delighted when she fell pregnant in 2016 with her daughter, Shayah.  Just a couple of years after her daughter's birth, she was diagnosed with cancer again and underwent another transplant before managing to beat the disease for a second time.  The mother-of-one was due to qualify as a mental health nurse this year and even finished her dissertation from her hospital bed.  Katie leaves behind Shayah, and husband Jamal.  A GoFundMe page has now been set up to help the mum's young family and it has raised more than £6,500 in just five days after a heart-breaking plea from Katie's friends Tenika Campbell and Shanice Hemans.  The pair, from Wolverhampton, wrote: “On Wednesday, August 4, we unexpectedly lost a big part of us.  Katie was only 27 and beat cancer twice! She managed to beat covid once but the second time she wasn’t strong enough resulting in her losing her life.  We have no words to describe the dark and emptiness in our hearts! Our friend Katie fought as hard as she could, but God’s plan was different to our own.  Those that knew Katie would describe her as loyal, caring, loving, vibrant, fun, wild and crazy! This didn’t change even when she had cancer.  If anything, it made her want to enjoy life more. You honestly couldn’t get more you only live once more than Katie!"

The pair added that Katie always had a smile on her face and remained positive no matter what she was going through.  "She could be in pain and you wouldn’t even know," they said.

“Katie was so selfless and was loved by many for her energetic and caring nature, her presence was felt in any room!  She was someone you could depend on in your darkest times as well as the friend you’d have the best time with!  You weren’t allowed to cry around her, she really was the strongest person we knew.  Not only was she an amazing mother, partner, daughter and friend but she was the perfect role model too.  Katie would have qualified as a mental health nurse this year. It saddens us that her body quit on her when she wasn’t one to ever give up! She even completed her dissertation from her hospital bed!  We’re so proud of what she accomplished whilst she was here. Her life was short-lived, but we really do have amazing memories that will last a lifetime."

The pair added that they want to give Katie the burial "she deserves to honour her memory and say our last goodbyes.  Her family would appreciate any help they can get to cover the cost of funeral expenses," they said.

"The money will also be used to help support her four-year-old daughter Shayah."