Author Topic: UK police issue appeal to Ireland to find next of kin of elderly man who passed  (Read 87 times)


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UK police issue appeal to Ireland to find next of kin of elderly man who passed away in Yorkshire

BY: Rachael O'Connor
January 08, 2021

POLICE IN the UK have issued an appeal to help find the next of kin of a man who is believed to have relatives in Ireland.  Simon Curtis Smith, aged 70, passed away on 2 January at his home in Scarborough, Yorkshire.  The elderly man lived in England, but attempts to find his next of kin have so far been unsuccessful.  Police in North Yorkshire have now issued an appeal to people on the island of Ireland to help find his relatives so that Simon can be put to rest.  In a statement, North Yorkshire Police wrote:

"Our coroner's officers are appealing to people in Ireland as they continue their search to find the next of kin of Simon Curtis Smith who died at his home address in Scarborough aged 70.  Enquiries following Simon's death reported to us on 2 January have not revealed any next of kin.  They now believe he may have relatives in Ireland, although it is not known whereabouts.  "We would really appreciate any shares with your Facebook friends in Ireland either Northern or Southern - to help us trace his family.  Anyone who can help locate any members of his family is asked to contact the Coroner's Office on (44) 01609 643168."

The spokesperson added that there  are no suspicious circumstances surrounding Simon's death, and they are simply seeking to notify his next of kin of his passing.

You can find the appeal for information, or share the post, on the North Yorkshire Police Facebook page here.


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I hope they find family members.