Author Topic: Prince Philip’s fury at Harry's 'dereliction of duty' and Andrew's 'behaviour'  (Read 547 times)


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Prince Philip’s fury at Harry's 'dereliction of duty' and Andrew's 'behaviour'

A biographer claims the Duke of Edinburgh has struggled with Harry's "dereliction of duty", and doesn't fully understand what had made life so "unbearable" for him and his wife Meghan Markle.

By Emma Robertson & Chris KitchingSenior News Reporter

15:46, 6 SEP 2020Updated15:52, 6 SEP 2020
Prince Phillip is said to be furious with Princes Andrew and Harry the 'black sheep' of the Royal Family, a new book has claimed.  A biographer alleges the Duke of Edinburgh has struggled with grandson's "dereliction of duty", and didn't fully understand what had made life so "unbearable" for Harry, 35, and his 39-year-old wife Meghan Markle.  In an extract from her new book, author Ingrid Seward also wrote that Philip has been troubled by his son Andrew's "behaviour", including the Duke of York's association with the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  She claims that it appears he is apparently frustrated that many younger members of the Royal Family do not share his values and his acceptance of "duty" in the same way he has had to.  In his union with The Queen, the 99-year-old has always had to be two steps behind, she said.  Behavioural psychologist and Royal body language expert Dr Peter Collectt said: "The Duke of Edinburgh is an alpha male playing a beta role. But he accepts that as it’s his duty".

Author Ingrid Seward claimed that due to the sacrifices he has made, he finds it hard to understand why the generations beneath him have not be able to toe-the-line.  For example, he sees grandson Harry’s decision to step down as a Senior Royal as a dereliction of duty, the book claims.  He reportedly felt the couple had everything going for them; a beautiful home, a healthy son, and a unique opportunity to make a global impact with their charity work.  Over the years Prince Andrew has also troubled Prince Philip, writes the author.  She added that a failed marriage to Sarah Ferguson and a collapsed career as the UK’s special envoy for overseas trade hadn't helped his son's image.  According to Ingrid, the Duke of York would have done well to listen to his father’s warnings of the dangers of being used, especially by what Philip described as ‘seedy billionaires’ looking for a pet royal to elevate their own status.  His connection to Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted paedophile, was the nail in the coffin and in an attempt to carry out damage limitation the 60-year-old agreed to be interviewed by Emily Maitlis on the BBC, which ended up being a PR disaster.  He was mocked globally and heavily criticised for not acknowledging the victims.  For Philip and the Queen, their son’s failure of judgment was a tragedy. Not only had he besmirched the reputation of the monarchy but had become involved in something extremely distasteful and far more serious.  Mirror Online approached Buckingham Palace for comment and they declined.