Author Topic: Grieving teens given just 12 days to say goodbye to mum get a beautiful surprise  (Read 4907 times)


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Grieving teens given just 12 days to say goodbye to mum get a beautiful surprise

Megan Ryan, 15, and her sister Tasha, 14, from Liverpool, were devastated when their mum Tracey was diagnosed with terminal cancer less than two weeks before she died

By Emilia Bona

16:06, 7 DEC 2019Updated16:12, 7 DEC 2019

Megan and Tasha live with their dad Ken and younger brother Liam, 12.

Since losing his wife, 43-year-old Ken has been left trying to rebuild his life and raise his children alone but he's had help from incredible Liverpool charity An Hour For Others.  The charity encourages individuals and businesses to share their time and skills to help improve the lives of others in their community.  Construction company Amspec, which is based in Wigan, asked how they could help An Hour For Others who decided Megan and Tasha deserved a treat.  Dad Ken explained: "The girls since they lost their mum, they've been left with a lot of stress and a lot of anger so sharing a little room at that time was really difficult for them.  If they did want to get away, there was nowhere to go for their own space. Being teenagers as well, hormones are everywhere."

Amspec and An Hour For Others surprised the girls by completely transforming the bedroom they share into a stunning new space.  The company completely gutted the room and rebuilt it, with a clever design making the most of the limited space available.  Built-in bunk beds and wardrobes mean the girls can finally have their own space and their reaction to seeing their new room for the first time says it all.  Video captured at the big reveal shows the girls gasping in disbelief, with Ken holding back the tears.  A poignant framed photo on the lower bunk bed shows Tracey holding her three young children, in happier times for the family.  An Hour For Others has helped support the family since losing Tracey, taking them to watch Liverpool FC at Anfield and sending them on a much-needed holiday.  Remembering his beloved wife, Ken said: "She had cancer in her liver, stomach, and kidneys. She'd had pains for five or six weeks but she had her scan on Friday, October 9 and we found out on October 12 that she had cancer, and 12 days later she passed away in Woodlands Hospice.  She was an amazing mum, the kids never wanted for anything. She would go without to give them whatever they needed."

Andrew Maxwell, managing director of Amspec who completely transformed the bedroom, said: "We got involved with An Hour For Others because sometimes when your company develops you need to find a purpose and for us An Hour For Others is the type of charity that we want to get involved with.  [Kevin Morland from An Hour For Others] introduced us to the Ryan family who had been through some horrific times and we felt that as a company we could make a difference.  Over the course of the last few months, we have worked with Kevin and his team to develop and deliver a refurbishment of a bedroom for two lovely girls who had been affected by a tragic family event.  It was our attempt to try and help and give our hour for others."

He added: "I just feel humble that we can do this. We are going to do more of this. It's important that companies that are mature like ours give something back to the community and this hopefully is just the beginning."


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Losing a loved one is never easier but when it is a parent and the child(ren) are young or parents losing a child it is very devastating.