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Title: Singer's powerful deathbed plea to "stay safe" before losing coronavirus fight
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Singer's powerful deathbed plea to "stay safe" before losing coronavirus fight aged 28

EXCLUSIVE: Kyanna Sutton fought for life until the very end but in tragic Facebook posts before she passed away she describes how she was determined to beat the killer virus

By Grace Macaskill

21:31, 30 JAN 2021 Updated 22:00, 30 JAN 2021

A talented singer who died of Covid aged just 28 issued a desperate plea from her hospital bed, urging people to “be careful” and “stay safe”.  Kyanna Sutton, 28, spent 16 days struggling for breath, first on oxygen, then on a ventilator before her devastated mum Kirstie allowed doctors to turn off her life support.  Kirstie said: “As they turned off the machine I stroked Kyanna’s nose and eyebrows, just like I did when she was a baby. I was trying to get her to sleep.  I told her, ‘Love you, love you more, love you zillions, I said it first’. That’s what we always used to say to each other. I still can’t believe she’s gone.”

Kyanna had described her battle against the virus on Facebook, saying she was determined to beat it.  Three days after being admitted on January 2, she said: “I can barely move without losing my breath completely. I can just about talk in sentences.  I’m in and out of sleep but my breathing wakes me up. It feels like someone is stomping on my chest and back. It feels like I’m going backwards I guess things get worse before they get better.  This is so real. The ward I’m on is full. There are six nurses and healthcare assistants and 36+ patients.  They’re overwhelmed. Please be careful please be safe. I was and look where it got me.”

Mum Kirstie, 48, told how Kyanna, who sang with Norwich Community Choir, had been shielding since March.  She had suffered from brittle asthma, a rare and severe form of the disease, since childhood, but deteriorated in the past two years, becoming reliant on steroids which caused weight gain.  Kyanna was admitted to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital after an asthma attack and tested positive for Covid.  It prompted Kirstie to get a test which also proved positive.  Kyanna was first given an oxygen mask, then a bubble hood, and was able to send messages to friends from her hospital bed.  Her last one on January 12 read: “Come on people let’s find some strength and love and fight this together.”

Three days later she was placed on life support.  Kirstie said: “I couldn’t see Kyanna in the hospital because I also had Covid and wasn’t allowed on the ward, but she would Facetime me.  The last time we spoke was before she was placed on full ventilation and she asked me, ‘Mum, be honest, do I look any better?’ I joked that she needed a hair wash. That was the last conversation we had.”

Doctors called Kirstie to hospital the following day when her isolation period had passed and told her nothing more could be done for Kyanna.  he said: “I was distraught. My sister Allison came up to the hospital because, by this time Martin (Kyanna’s stepdad) was sick with Covid too. She held one of Kyanna’s hands and I held the other.  I remember a lovely doctor putting his hand over Allison’s.  All I could see was his wedding ring and recall thinking, ‘That poor man has to go home to his wife and tell her I lost another one today’.  When they switched off the machine it was so peaceful.  She didn’t even attempt to breathe herself. She just slipped away.”
Title: Re: Singer's powerful deathbed plea to "stay safe" before losing coronavirus fight
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It's terrible how bad getting COVID is for everybody.